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“Megan Dunn is a comic genius,” Metro Magazine, 2018.

My second book Things I Learned At Art School is as honest as Karl Ove Knausgård, as intellectual as Adrian Mole and as sassy as Sweet Valley High.

P.S. Artist Yvonne Todd did the cover. 


December 2022 

I interviewed NYC based artist Olivia Erlanger on her sculpture featured in The Mermaid Chronicles for The Art Paper. Read here. 

November 2022 

I was on 7 Sharp in my show talking mermaids to Julian Lee. You can watch here.  

October 2022

On October 22, I spoke to Kim Hill on RNZ about the meaning of mermaids and my art exhibition The Mermaid Chronicles, which charters my interest in professional mermaids. Yes, people who are paid to work as mermaids. 

On October 20, I had a lovely chat to Maggie on RadioActive about mermaids and my show. I refuse to talk unless I can talk about mermaids!

On October 10, I had a brief chat with Jesse Mulligan about The Mermaid Chronicles. 

Mermaids are in Wellington! 

Megan Dunn: The Mermaid Chronicles, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, 21 October – 18 December 2022 

with artworks by Andrew Brusso, Olivia Erlanger, Julia Holden, Alexis Hunter, Suzanne Husky, Brett Stanley, Lena Maria Thüring, and featuring Annette Kellerman, MeduSirena, Hannah Mermaid, Merman Jax, and Julie Atlas Muz  

I have curated an art exhibition showcasing my interest in the rise of the professional mermaid. The show brings together vintage artefacts with painting, sculpture, underwater photographs, and videos by artists and professional photographers, and features several high-profile mermaid performers. Find out more here or on the Adam Art Gallery website here.  And come see it!

September 2022

On Saturday 3rd September I gave a masterclass on writing from life at WORD Christchurch. 

On Friday 2nd September at WORD Christchurch I interviewed Rachel Kushner about her book The Hard Crowd. 

On Friday 2nd September at WORD Christchurch I was on the panel: Whose life is it anyway? discussing memoir, alongside Clementine Ford, Ruth Shaw and chair, Victor Rodger. It was EMOTIONAL.  

August 2022

On Saturday 27th August I was in Speakers’ Corner at the Auckland Writers Festival. I addressed the topic ‘Art for Arts Sake’ and discussed a pickle, a hinge and a piece of screwed up paper. The crowd went wild. 

On Friday 26th August in the evening I read something ‘steamy’ in a sauna on Beresford Street as part of Auckland Writers Festival. 


On August 17/18th I did a creative writing workshop and then a talk ‘Home for Beginners‘ for Wintec School of Media Arts Ramp Festival. 

March 2022

I interviewed Olivia Laing on Everybody: A Book about Freedom for the Aotearoa NZ Festival of the Arts. You can watch that conversation here.

This is easily the most comprehensive review I have received and it has a great title, ‘Of Smurfs and Men’ by David McCooey for Sydney Review of Books. Read it here. McCooey takes the time to consider the mettle of my voice and my various approach to essays-memoir. 

November 2021

For VERB Literary Festival I was in conversation with the one and only KIM HILL on Sunday 7 November. It was comic. 

October 2021 

At the Adam Art Gallery, on October 21st at 6pm I was in conversation with award winning author Pip Adam about our terrible youth in Auckland in the 1990s and creativity. See events programme here.

September 2021

I did a Zoom Book launch in conversation with artist Yvonne Todd for Time Out Books on Saturday 25th September at 6pm. We talked shit and I showed a shonky Powerpoint. Laughter was shared. Watch here. 

My video Obsession (1998) is currently in the group exhibition Image Processors: Artists in the Medium, A Short History 1968-2020 at the Adam Art Gallery. The show is on until November 11, 2021. 


Listen to my discussion about Things I Learned at Art School with Simon Sweetman on his podcast here.

Listen to my RNZ Saturday morning interview on Things I Learned at Art School with Colin Peacock here.

For those who can sneak behind the paywall my Canvas interview with Eleanor Black is here.

On the Guardian read an extract from my essay Nine Months in a Massage Parlour called Belle Du Jour.

On The Spinoff read my short essay about author Jean M Auel’s bestselling Clan of the Cave Bear series here.

On New Writing, the UEA alumni website, read my essay The Difficult Father, this one is especially for Donald Barthelme fans.

Pip Adam reviews Things I Learned at Art School on RNZ here. (at approx: 4.53m)

Unity Books Auckland did a short online interview with me here.

Find a review on librarian Alyson’s Blog here.



My first book Tinderbox was published by Galley Beggar Press in November 2017.

It is about the end of Borders bookstores, Julie Christie and me – but not necessarily in that order.

The publisher says, “Riffing on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel about the end of readingTinderbox is one of the most interesting books in decades about literary culture and its place in the world. More than that, it’s about how every one of us fits into that bigger picture – and the struggle to make sense of life in the twenty-first century.”

Read the first chapter here.