Fiat Lux Archive

From 1996 – 2000, I co-directed the artist run gallery Fiat Lux with David Townsend. We started Fiat Lux while studying at Elam School of Fine Arts and showed a motley crew of artists some of whom have gone on to become middle aged and even successful. The first gallery on Hobson Street, Auckland (in the old Strangely Normal clothing shop space) was painted midnight blue in an obnoxious rebuttal of the white cube.  Our second and final space was upstairs in Saint Kevin’s Arcade on Krd. The walls were painted mauve, the windows boarded over. The gallery was opposite a sex shop run by a kindly gentleman who wore walk shorts and knee-high socks. Here is what remains of the archive, a collection of old hand posted newsletters, yesterday’s reviews and slides of the way we were.


FiatLux-Newsletters_1998_Part1, FiatLux-Newsletters_1998_Part2,