Megan Dunn. Photo: Yvonne Todd, 2021.

I write about myself, mermaids and contemporary New Zealand art. Not necessarily in that order. I favour the frolicsome. I like jokes. Even bad jokes. Like this one: I consider myself a cross between Fran Lebowitz and Anne of Green Gables, via Huntly.

In the nineties, I went to art school—I know. Bad joke. From 1996 – 2000, I co-directed the artist-run space Fiat Lux. During this time I made and exhibited appropriated video art—what is appropriated video art, you ask? Have a look here.

At the dawn of the Twenty-First Century, I moved to London where I lived for ten years working in bookstores. My first book Tinderbox  is an obscure, slim red paperback published by Galley Beggar Press in November 2017 that covers my London years. Tinderbox is about the end of bookselling. Long live bookselling.

My second book Things I Learned at Art School (2021) is also about me, contains (some) mermaids and (some) contemporary art. And also my mother and Milo and a scene set in Huntly. Plus loads more stuff that may entertain and delight and dare I say move you. You never know till you try.