On Kim Hill

Megan Dunn at the Institute of Modern Letters 2022, photographer: Robert Cross.

What’s art got to do with it? is the loose title —thanks Tina Turner—that I cribbed for my occasional art segment on RNZ’s Saturday morning show with Kim Hill. I discuss the intersection of art and life, hoping to look at art beyond gallery walls when possible.

What’s art got to do with mermaids? I discuss my new show The Mermaid Chronicles, and my obsession with meeting ‘real life’ professional mermaids. 22 October 2012.

Why art doesn’t have to play nice, I talk about people’s favourite artworks. What art do you like and why? 20 August 2022.

Is the future of art a femmebot? On Ai-Da, the sexy art robot. 16 April 2022.

On art therapy, I made a crocodile out of clay. It represents my anger. Snap! 11 December, 2021.

On art in hospitals, with special reference to the Kushana Bush painting, The Tree of Life, that I donated to the Auckland Hospital ICU ward after the death of my mother. October 23, 2021.