On Kim Hill

Megan Dunn at the Institute of Modern Letters 2022, photographer: Robert Cross.

What’s art got to do with it? is the loose title —thanks Tina Turner—that I cribbed for my occasional art segment on RNZ’s Saturday morning show with Kim Hill. I discuss the intersection of art and life, hoping to look at art beyond gallery walls when possible.

Worshipping art: on art in NZ churches I discuss a hand full of artworks you can find lurking in NZ churches, from the coloured glass windows by modernist Milan Mrkusvich in St Joesph’s Auckland to the infamous glass window of the Māori Jesus walking on water in St Faith’s Anglican church in Rotorua. 12 August 2023.

The fine art of winning prizes Everyone wants to win a big cash prize, but how do you do it? I look at two relatively new art awards The Rydal Prize, and 2023 winner Owen Connors; plus The Kiingi Tuheitia Portraiture Award, and 2023 winner, Stevei Houkāmau. 17 June 2023.

The kinky and the kooky lurking in public art collections I discuss two wonderful collection shows Unhinged: Opening the Door to the Dowse Collection at the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt and Manpower: Myths of Masculinity at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. 6 May 2023.

Looking at crocodiles I discuss representing the crocodile in art, from Octavia Cook jewellery, to Mike Hewson’s log sculptures at the Auckland Art Fair. 18 March 2023.

On Dunedin based artists Joe L’Estrange and Nick Austin Two very different painters, both based in Dunedin, present wonderful survey shows. I talk about Joe L’Estrange: Painter at the Hocken Galleries and Nick Austin: Life Puzzle at Adam Art Gallery. 4 February 2023.

What’s art got to do with mermaids? I discuss my new art exhibition The Mermaid Chronicles, and my obsession with meeting ‘real life’ professional mermaids. 22 October 2012.

Why art doesn’t have to play nice I talk about people’s favourite artworks. What art do you like and why? 20 August 2022.

Is the future of art a femmebot? On Ai-Da, the sexy art robot. 16 April 2022.

On art therapy I made a crocodile out of clay. It represents my anger. Snap! 11 December, 2021.

On art in hospitals with special reference to the Kushana Bush painting, The Tree of Life, that I donated to the Auckland Hospital ICU ward after the death of my mother. October 23, 2021.